Viper DSU Series Tub Vacuum

Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, small restaurants, retail outlets and light to medium duty applications.

Tried and tested and proven to be a good reliable solid vacuum cleaner.

The machine takes standard vacuum bags used in most machines of its type and also has a full 32mm tool kit with a screw on fitting that is used by many contract cleaners. The vacuum has a 1000 watt motor and has been passed 'B' rated by ENERG.

 The machine features tool holders for dusting brushes and crevice tools, a place to coil the cable round to prevent tangle and best of all it is stack-able , so conserving room in those often too small cleaning rooms.

The DSU 12  is fitted with an eco switch to enable a reduction in power by the motor whilst in use.

DSU 10

DSU 12


DSU 10

Viper DSU 10 Specifications

DSU 12

Viper DSU 12 Specifications



DSU Series Brochure