Nilfisk VHW 311

Nilfisk VHW 311

The VHW 311 is a flexible concept industrial vacuum that can be fixed or mobile. Completely enclosed, it is easy to clean and sanitise.

High-end fixed industrial vacuum, for use in demanding pharmaceutical, food, chemical, packaging and OEM sectors. Well suited to be used on process machines (e.g: integrated into the machine or in aplant room). Designed to comply with GMP requirements, it is suitable for treating small quantities of dust or trimming materials. The 1,5kW motor ensures high performance and the vacuum meter-indicates filtration and vacuuming efficiency. It can be quickly upgraded with wheels and a handle, to become a mobile industrial vacuum unit.

  • Extra small footprint.
  • Completely hooded for better GMP conformity
  • Continuous use (24/7)
  • Explosion-proof ATEX version
  • Stainless steel version
  • Absolute filtration version
  • Standard manual filter shaker
  • Easy to remove/empty container
  • Easy to upgrade.


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White Line Brochure - VHW 311 (includes specification)

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