Nilfisk VHC 200

Also available in ATEX

VHC 200 is an easy to use compressed air industrial vacuum. Designed to be used where electricity is unavailable or forbidden, it can recover solid and liquid material. It is equipped with a powerful Venturi system and available in several versions.

With a robust trolley and large castors, it's good for use even on uneven floors. The ergonomic design provides operator comfort. Also the compactness of the VHC200 is a plus. 

This unit can be delivered painted or stainless steel, as well as in a flameproof ATEX-compliant versions (for zones Gas 1-2 and Dust 21-22). The VHC200 can be delivered for ATEX and non ATEX environments. Filtration is provided by a star filter with a total filtering surface of 19,500 cm². Whenever absolute filtration is required, a HEPA filter is available as an option.

The unit is also equipped with a standard manual filter shaker. Pneumatic filter shaker can be fitted upon request. The vacuometer monitors constantly the filter effiIciency and the filter shaker allows to clean it in a very fast way.  

  • 50 or 100 litres container (50L on ATEX)
  • Manual filter shaker vacuometer and pressure gauge for continuous use (24/7)
  • Stainless steel versions available
  • HEPA upstream absolute filter available
  • ATEX versions or zones Gas 1-2 and Dust 21-22 available
  • Version for liquids collection available



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