The Victor Trojan (Heavy Duty Low Speed) Floor Machine

A machine developed for the toughest cleaning tasks, solid construction and the ability to carry up to 45 Kg in additional weight make the trojan a powerful workhorse to be trusted.

The ideal choice for carpet shampooing, deep cleaning, scrubbing and stripping hard floors of ground-in dirt, stains and old polish. It is ideal for use in both commercial and domestic environments to achieve immaculate flooring.

The machine can be loaded with weights, enabling a deeper scrub of the floor, as well as a better result when diamond grinding marble and other stone flooring. Diamond grinding smooths the floor’s surface, removing faults, surface scratches and roughness. The Trojan 17 can also be used with a scarifying brush to remove the surface of the hard floor.

The Victor Poly Scrub Brush will enable a deep clean of the hard flooring, removing ground-in dirt with ease. The Trojan can also be used to shampoo carpets with the Victor Poly Shampoo Brush; choose a good quality carpet shampoo such Prochem Fibre Shampoo to achieve clean & fresh carpet fibres.

Built around a powerful 6 pole motor, the Victor Trojan is unstoppable, perfect for very heavy duty floor stripping, floor scrubbing, scarifying and marble floor preparation.The chemical resistant skirt reaches all the way under the machine to protect it from strong acids and alkalis giving you the chance to use the strongest cleaning agents safely possible.

A full range of accessories is available for the Victor Trojan including tanks, brushes, pads and of course the additional weights.