Park Ranger 2150

Precinct Sweeper 2150

The Park Ranger 2150 suction sweeper unit is the most effective choice

High manoeuvrability and easy handling

The Park Ranger 2150 suction sweeper unit is the most effective choice for the sweeping on footpaths, pavements, car parks, stairwells etc.. The suction sweeper unit features a fibreglass high tip hopper and a rotation cast fresh water tank. It is a robust and compact machine with high manoeuvrability. Hopper discharge follows directly from the driver's seat.


  • Special vacuum nozzle with spiral brush - allows sweepings a problem free passing to the hopper
  • Speed regulation of the front brushes is standard
  • Nose wheel for height regulation of the front brushes - excellent sweeping result and minimal brush wear
  • Stand to assist fitting and removal of the hopper supplied

Park Ranger 2150


  • Remote vacuum hose: the remote vacuum hose is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as between parked bicycles or in stairwells. The 6-metre-long hose is stored on top of the hopper and is always ready to use.
  • Third side brush: Extends the sweeping width to 1,660 mm. This brush is operated hydraulically, which makes it perfect for sweeping right up to house walls or under benches, for example.
Dust control

  • The dust is fully under control with the Nilfisk Outdoor suction sweeper unit. Two spray jets mounted on the front brushes dampen the sweeping area and thereby bind the dust. The collecting tank features an innovative filter system binding even the smallest dust particles inside the tank.
Quick shift of attachments

  • With the Park Ranger 2150 the changeover from one attachment to another is done in less than 4 minutes - no tools required!


Park Ranger 2150 Specifications

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