The imop Scrubber Dryer

The imop revolutionary cleaning logo

This machine is going to change the cleaning industry the same way the iphone changed mobile phones. 

The world's most compact and manoeuvrable scrubber dryer.

the imop scrubber dryer front, back and side

The Facts

  • High speed twin brush scrubber drier deck working an area of 46cm (18inches) 
  • Equal to bigger walk behind machines.
  • Over 350 RPM and 22 kg of brush pressure
  • Cleans over a 1000 square meters per hour.
  • Use 2 battery sets for continuous use - work from one set whilst the other is charging
  • A single charge will last over an hour With a quick recharge of an hour
  • Cordless - no cords to trip over or get tangled up
  • Fill, refill and empty the machine easily with the solutions tanks. 
  • ECO mode - allows you to save additional water when only little is need, protecting your water sensitive floors against overexposure  

  • Intelligent water usage lasts 3 times longer

  •  Solid titanium swivel joint for durability  

Specifications for imop