Nilfisk CTS & CTT

L-M-H and ATEX versions available

Thanks to its small size and high performance, this three phase model is ideal when a powerful machine is required where space is at a premium. Functional, compact, stable, solid and easily handled.

These three phase dry vacuums are available as versions compliant with the ATEX Standard, specific for Zones 21-22 Dust & 1-2 Gas. Variants are available in 2.2 or 4KW and are fitted either with a side channel blower or a multistage turbine for use in Z1. A manometer is installed as standard on the cover to enable easy checking of the filter condition. A classified star-shaped polyester/ anti-static filter is installed as standard on the Atex versions and its 19,500 cm2 filtering surface ensures a highly effective filtration. The external manual filter shaker enables an easy filter cleaning.

"L" - "M" & "H" versions are available to meet the EN 60335-2-69. The stainless steel 50 litre waste bin is fitted with castors and is easily removable by means of a simple and functional release mechanism. Specific anti-static/conductive hoses and nozzles are available from our wide range of accessories.

  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Side Channel Blower on CTS Turbine on CTT
  • Large filter area
  • Effective filtering efficiency
  • Low noise level
  • High vacuum"L" "M" & "H" versions
  • Manometer fitted
  • ATEX versions Zones 21, 22 & 1, 2
  • 50 litre bin capacity


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