City Ranger 3500

City Ranger 3500

A revolutionary solution for municipalities and contractors

City Ranger 3500 with an impressive performance and flexibility

Gain strength as a special machine as well as the multi-function machines broad flexibility. With the City Ranger 3500 you will get high performance, optimum manoeuvrability with articulated steering, easy operation, reliability and optimum comfort - and a full year equipment programme is at your disposal with no less than 14 attachments! Professional quality attachments fully aligned to the machine and easy to handle.

The City Ranger 3500 is a future-proof investment - built to work around the clock in the same function - performed with low operating costs. And then you can switch from sweeper assignments to the winter equipment when the snow arrives. The machine can work in full-year operation. You can always change attachment - and meet new needs as they arise - by investing in an extra attachment to do the job. Municipalities can move the machine to a different department, so the City Ranger 3500 ensures flexibility and adaptability. It takes just 10 minutes to change attachment - then you are ready for new tasks, where you can sweep away with 20 km per hour at work, and up to 38 km during transport.

City Rager 3500

 High performance

  • 4-wheel drive and 49 HP offer optimum grip & performance for superior handling of heavy all season assignments
Highly manoeuvrable

  • Narrow turning radius thanks to articulated steering. 
  • Compact dimensions giving access to narrow places
Easy attachment changeover

  • Quickest in its size
Operator comfort

  • Highly comfortable air suspended and heated driver seat. 
  • 2 seat safety cabin with ideal view to front attachments and traffic. 
  • Low noise level!
Air condition

  • As standard

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City Ranger 3500 Specifications

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